Yummy ice cream

Ice cream carts are a common site driving along the streets in Thailand. They are motorcycles with a side car in which the ice cream is stored. A large parasol covers both. The people in the neighborhood are drawn to the cart by a catchy tune which can be heard many streets away. Not every day can we take indulge in this sweet treat but last month all the girls and mothers were in luck and could choose their favorite flavor. They enjoyed the treat together on the veranda.
It is also good to know that this ice cream man lives in our neighborhood, therefore we are also supporting a neighbor with his business. Since we have his telephone number, we can make an appointment with him any time we want to have an ice cream. Such a temptation!



Binding Love Project

Proverbs 3:3 “Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.”

In the fall of 2021 a small group of volunteers in Harderwijk started a project to make this proverb come to life. Once a month ‘upcycled’ scarves, made from second hand clothing, are created to be sold in a local church. The proceeds will go to Baan Phak Phing.

There is a task for everyone, even if using a sewing machine is unfamiliar. Our creativity is being developed in a very different way…..searching for materials that fit well together. Surprisingly very enjoyable to do. There was a wonderfully restful atmosphere with a few conversations but mostly silent concentration on the work at hand.

The original idea came from the American Audra Peifer, founder of Binding Love https://www.bindinglove.org/. While watching a documentary about human trafficking, Audra was moved by what she saw and heard. She made her first upcycled scarves and sold them to fundraise for the two projects she chose in Thailand: Baan Phak Phing and Baan Eden, both located in Chiang Rai. This was the start of the project Binding Love. Later she and her family visited both homes to personally witness the way the homes were run.

This past year the contact between the Baan Phak Phing Nederland and Binding Love grew into a trial collaboration. The scarves made in Harderwijk will be sold for St. Nick and Christmas presents in December.

Would you like to set up a similar project in your neighborhood? Contact [email protected].


Children’s joy

Life brings along its obligations, unfortunately that’s just how it works. For children that means going to school and adults are often busy with their responsibilities at work and at home. Thankfully there’s more to life than work, we are also allowed to enjoy free time and to have fun. How everyone chooses to spend their free time depends on their character and circumstances of course. This summer, the girls have also been able to enjoy moments where they could rest and enjoy their time off. The mothers took them on a walk with the new puppy. During that walk they passed a ditch where they discovered fish swimming! The girls had a great time running around and chatting with each other during that walk. It’s good for them to be away from home for a while and explore. At another time, they played games with each other. One of their favorites was to blow a ping pong ball as quickly as possible from one waterfilled cup to another. Another moment two girls were playing with the swing, one pushing the other. It could not go high enough for them! It’s great to see the girls enjoying these little things in life so much.

Surprise package!

It’s wrapped in very special, green paper. Or is it even paper? No, it’s a banana leaf! But what could it contain? In order to find out we will have to unwrap it because in Thailand it could be just about anything. The only hint we’ve got is that it won’t be a normal present, but something we can eat.
The girls and mothers worked hard to create something delightful. It’s made out of sticky rice, beans and sugar. The ingredients are mixed, wrapped in a banana leaf and then steamed until they are fully cooked. What a great snack, yum!

One step at a time!

Halfway March, seven girls graduated middle or high school! They will now set off for further education in a college or university.

We know that it can be hard for the girls to go to school and meet all required expectations. That makes it even more wonderful to see these seven girls grow, learn and be ready for their next step in life. We are so proud of them!

To celebrate, we hosted our annual graduation party. It’s a time to reflect and be grateful. Some girls really speak from their hearts on these evenings and express their thanks to the ‘mothers’, their teachers and sponsors. Without them it literally would not have been possible!

One girl expressed it well: “Baan Phak Phing gave me the opportunity to go to school, something I never thought to be possible when I still lived at home. Because of the financial situation of my family, I needed to work in the rice fields instead.” It’s amazing to see lives changed!

Thank you, Christine!

Christine Overeem on the left with her team members from Heart to Heart Thailand.

In 1987, Christine Overeem left the Netherlands and moved to Thailand to start Baan Phak Phing (‘shelter’) together with her co-worker Heidi. This safe house for abused girls has been a safe haven for many. In 2018, Christine handed over the work to the Thai staff under whose guidance the girls are in good hands. Until 2020, Christine remained connected to the Dutch Baan Phak Phing Foundation as a board member.

It is hard to put into words just how much groundbreaking work she has done for these girls. We are incredibly thankful. Christine, thank you for your passion, tireless efforts, and love for these girls, and for the great teamwork with the foundation in the Netherlands. As a founder, your name will always be associated with Baan Phak Phing. It truly is a great legacy.

Christine has entered a new season in her life and continues to build others up through a new ministry: Heart to Heart Thailand. Together with a small team, she uses her experience and knowledge to disciple, and train leaders in both the Thai and international community. Heart to Heart Thailand offers coaching, debriefing sessions, Bible studies and a prayer ministry. They also aim to support the local church.

A tear and a smile!

Last month we welcomed three new girls in Baan Phak Phing. The first girl, only six years old, was very sad. She kept on crying. Then another girl stepped in and played with her so that the girl could be distracted from her fear and sadness. This new young girl didn’t own any pyjamas so the staff took her to the shop to buy one. When they came back, another mom asked what she had bought. When the girl showed her new pyjamas the mother joked that she was jealous and would want pyjamas like that for herself. Then the girl answered she was way too big and it wouldn’t fit. Everyone laughed and eventually even the young girl joined in with a smile from ear to ear and a  twinkle in her eyes. It made our hearts melt, we were so happy she could forget her pain for a moment. We are happy to say that she now has found her way and is settled within the family.

The other two girls came a week later. They are sisters, aged 7 and 8. When they arrived there was a lot of paperwork to be done with the staff from the government children’s home where the girls came from.

We are thankful that we can offer these girls a safe environment and we hope they will be able to feel at home.

A small accident!

“Ah, we’re almost home!” The two girls had just finished school and were looking forward to dinner. They could almost smell the food, that’s how close they were. When they were just about to pass the neighbours’ parked car, the car suddenly started moving. Without indication, the neighbour took a turn. There is no way they could stop in time, so they collided with the car and fell off their motorcycle. Ouch!

This accident happened a little while ago. Both the girls and the neighbour got a good scare! Thankfully the neighbour immediately got out of his car to help. Because it was in such close proximity of the house, some mothers could immediately assist as well. All in all, the damage could have been way worse. The girls had a sore mouth, a loose tooth and a painful knee from the fall. The motorcycle was only slightly damaged, but the neighbours’ car has a big dent and now the door won’t open and close properly anymore. We are thankful everyone seemed mostly okay!


Only 9 years old!

A girl of only nine years old, recently came back to live with us. She used to live with us before, after she had become the victim of abuse. Back then she was not even six years old. After a few years in Baan Phak Phing, she went back to her mother because it was safe again. It’s absolutely heartbreaking, but over time the situation at her home deteriorated and the girl fell short of protection again. This led to another abuse situation.
In the past weeks, our psychologist and the leader of the house where the girl lives have helped the girl share her story with the police. The investigation is still pending and this means the girl had to return to the crime scene to testify. Once the investigation is over, the case will be brought to court and the girl is expected to show up there as well. This is an extremely difficult time for her. It feels like she needs to revisit her trauma over and over. It’s absolutely horrible. Despite the pain and hardships, we are thankful that we are in a position to offer her support and protection in this time of need.

Party time!

A young couple wanted to get married and was on the lookout for a good location. They also hoped to find people willing to help them with the preparation of the party. Well, I can tell you one thing: the ‘mothers’ of Baan Phak Phing got very excited when they heard this news. They enthusiastically proposed for the wedding to take place on the property of the girls’ house. It wasn’t just any couple after all. The mothers and girls all know the groom. He has been around for fourteen years and regularly helps with the IT, printers and website. The bride is also well known by many.

That’s why the staff offered to take care of all the food and drinks. Quite a challenge, because they expected 160 guests! On the big day itself, not only the mothers but even the girls all helped out. They also helped decorating the yard. You should have seen how lovely it all looked! It was a great party and the happy couple is extremely thankful for all the help and love they received.