About Us

Baan Phak Phing houses girls between the ages of 6 and 18 years old. At first sight there is nothing different about these girls. They play, laugh, and fight, just like any other girls in that age group. It is in fact a miracle that they can live like this, in happiness, because these girls have all been abused at a very young age.

Many of them don’t know what it is like to live in a safe and healthy family environment. Many of these girls have been abused by people from their direct surroundings. Often the same people who were responsible for their “safe” environment. Some of the girls were sold by their families.

Baan Phak Phing offers these girls a warm and safe home that is closely based off of a true home. We have groups of a maximum of 10 girls living in 3 houses with each of the houses having 4 mothers who work in shifts. Aside from that we have 3 small houses for the young adults who are almost ready to go back out into the world where they learn to live independently.

In the houses the girls receive love, structure, coaching and education. Our goal is prepare them to retake their place in society and to give them a chance to return to their own environments.

Since our doors opened in 1990 we have been able to give many girls a chance to start over. But many still need love, structure, and care!

Has reading this website made you interested in knowing more? We have a video that you can request access to by clicking here. Due to our efforts to maintain the girls’ privacy we have not made this video public.