Get Involved

Will you help us raise money for Baan Phak Phing? Sponsor bike trips or walking tours, asking donations during your party, or organizing a different activity. There are all sorts of ways to raise money. The most important part is that you do something you like and that you are motivated. On this page you can find information and tips to help you along the way.

Let us know if we can help you. [email protected]

Selling cookies (stroopwafels)

These typically Dutch cookies will not likely be found in your country but there might be another product which could be sold. Invite a school or church group to participate in your activity.

Deposits for BPP - return bottles to the supermarket

Contact the store manager of your local supermarket. There is a chance that Baan Phak Phing might qualify to receive the deposit money. The newer machines require our logo. Download the files and pass them along once it is requested.

Give Now!

$15 per month will pay for clothing for one girl
$35 a month will pay for education for one girl
$60 per month will pay for the cost of housing, internet and utilities
$100 per month will pay for food for one girl