Ongoing Projects

On this page we will keep you informed of ongoing projects. These are special goals that are necessary to run Baan Phak Phing as a whole, in addition to the basic necessities of life for the girls. This concerns things such as; material items for maintenance work or means of transport, safety, trips, special activities, technical items such as computers, printers, network, internet, staff costs, a little extra for the girls, etc.
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Renovation independent living units

We have three houses with an adjoining communal living room and kitchen for those girls who are learning to live independently. Unfortunately, these buildings are increasingly falling into disrepair and an extensive renovation is necessary. The ceilings are coming down and the paint is peeling; screen doors are falling apart; the kitchen is in disrepair; the air flow of the rooms is inadequate in this warm climate; the bathrooms are too ugly for words; built-in water pipes burst one after the other and so on and so on.

We want to tackle this project once and for all and not fix some parts here and there. Therefore we have calculated the overall costs and hope you will help get the total budget together so we can offer the girls/young women proper accommodation again.

The estimated costs are in total $ 4850


License dependent on camera surveillance

Our girls’ home Baan Phak Phing is subject to Thai law and almost every year there are legal changes that we have to comply with in order to renew our license. We have been told to extend the camera system for the protection of the girls as well as the staff (the mothers). As the houses are on two separate properties this is a major expense.
The calculation comes down to $ 4.300

Will you help us renew the license of the girls’ home?


Computers for homework

Doing homework may not be the children’s favourite activity, but it has to be done. A lot of homework, especially tasks from high school and college, needs to be done on a computer. Having 10 children in a house means that they often have to wait for each other when there are only two or three computers. An additional problem is that some computers need to be replaced. Therefore we would like to switch to another system, Chromebooks. These are not only less expensive but also easier in maintenance. This is quite new for Baan Phak Phing, but our IT specialist has used them before on a large scale and so we are confident that this is a good solution. We would like to purchase fifteen Chromebooks.

The costs per Chromebook, including licence, are 420 USD which is 6. 300 USD in total.

Will you help us?



Rice cookers

In Thailand it is quite common to eat rice three times a day, literally, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This means cooking rice several times a day every day. The rice cookers are working overtime and occasionally they break down. Sometimes they can be fixed in a cheap and simple way, but sometimes replacement is inevitable. Therefore we would like to buy new rice cookers for the three family houses and the kitchen for the girls who are learning to live independently.

A new rice cooker costs 45 USD which is 180 USD in total

Will you help us?



Television stands

Each house has a television cabinet in the living room. Unfortunately, the wooden, veneer furniture is in a bad state due to old age and the influence of the weather (humidity, heat, and drought). They are real eyesores, hard to clean and some are almost falling apart, and so we would like to replace them. In total we need four new television cabinets, for the three family houses and for the living room in the house for independent living.

A new television cabinet costs about 180 USD x 4 units is a total of 720 USD


New Closets

Each of the girls has their own closet where they keep their clothes and personal items. Right now quite a few of them are getting old to the point of falling apart. Repairing or restoring won’t work anymore because we’ve had to do that too many times already. Will you help us replace them?

1 closet costs 160 USD and we need a total of 30 new closets so we need a total of 4800 USD.



Give Now!

$15 per month will pay for clothing for one girl
$35 a month will pay for education for one girl
$60 per month will pay for the cost of housing, internet and utilities
$100 per month will pay for food for one girl

Thank You!

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