Ice cream for the girls

Ice cream for the girls

Here in Thailand, the temperature often rises above 30 degrees and sometimes even above 40 degrees centigrade. Everybody takes it as easy as possible then; people stay inside and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and cool down. Wouldn’t it be great for the girls to eat an ice cream every once and a while with these temperatures? Luckily, this is possible; every day an ice cream vendor passes by with his motorbike and sidecar. He plays a tune when he is close to our houses to let us know he is coming. Thinking of the ice creams made the girls’ mouths water. Who wouldn’t like a refreshing ice cream when it’s so hot outside? Nobody, right?

Do you want to buy an ice cream for the girls? We could give them one starting 1.20 US Dollar. In each of the three family houses we can have up to 10 girls.

Give Now!

$15 per month will pay for clothing for one girl
$35 a month will pay for education for one girl
$60 per month will pay for the cost of housing, internet and utilities
$100 per month will pay for food for one girl