Thank you, Christine!

Christine Overeem on the left with her team members from Heart to Heart Thailand.

In 1987, Christine Overeem left the Netherlands and moved to Thailand to start Baan Phak Phing (‘shelter’) together with her co-worker Heidi. This safe house for abused girls has been a safe haven for many. In 2018, Christine handed over the work to the Thai staff under whose guidance the girls are in good hands. Until 2020, Christine remained connected to the Dutch Baan Phak Phing Foundation as a board member.

It is hard to put into words just how much groundbreaking work she has done for these girls. We are incredibly thankful. Christine, thank you for your passion, tireless efforts, and love for these girls, and for the great teamwork with the foundation in the Netherlands. As a founder, your name will always be associated with Baan Phak Phing. It truly is a great legacy.

Christine has entered a new season in her life and continues to build others up through a new ministry: Heart to Heart Thailand. Together with a small team, she uses her experience and knowledge to disciple, and train leaders in both the Thai and international community. Heart to Heart Thailand offers coaching, debriefing sessions, Bible studies and a prayer ministry. They also aim to support the local church.