A Special Week Ending!

Every Friday night we end the week with all the girls together. We play games, share about our week, watch a movie, or go to the night market together.

Recently a visiting team put together a program on one of those Friday nights for the girls. They sang songs together, played games, shared testimonies, and danced together. For one of the games the girls were split into groups of 3. They had to work together to get one of them dressed as nicely as possible with a roll of toilet paper and a roll of tape. Toilet paper is quite fragile so there were some problems getting things the way they wanted. Nonetheless they managed to create some beautiful outfits. Some made a long, tight skirt which was a disaster when going up the steps of the stage. This didn’t stop them from having fun and they all got prizes for their outfits.

The girls had so much fun while dancing that the following morning they looked up the song and started dancing again.

We are thankful that the team spent the evening having fun with the girls. Thank You!