Special visitors

Every Wednesday, all Baan Phak Phing team members have a meeting together. Besides discussing the current affairs and the cases of the girls, we take the time to share how we are doing, both workwise and personally. We support each other, if necessary, encourage each other to go on, and enjoy the good things together.

One Wednesday this past June, we received visitors; VIPs in my opinion, namely Christine, Heidi and Helmut. You probably know Christine, because she founded Baan Phak Phing and managed it until a few years ago. BUT Christine did not start Baan Phak Phing on her own. She did this together with Heidi, who also lived in Thailand at that time. Heidi is a lady from Germany and had the same vision as Christine: “To liberate girls who have ended up in forced prostitution and to give them a chance to a new future.” Christine and Heidi collaborated until February 1994, when Heid returned to Germany. She met her husband Helmut there and they raised a family together there.

Now, after all these years, Heidi and her husband came to visit us. It was so great to hear her side of the story, to see Christine and Heidi together, and to receive them at Baan Phak Phing. For many of our staff members, this was the first time they were told the history of Baan Phak Phing at first hand. We are very grateful that Christine and Heidi took the time to encourage us as a team and to encourage us in taking care of the girls.


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Summer holiday

From mid-March to mid-May the girls are having a holiday. It is a long period of time, and it is hot, but doing nothing is not an option. Twice a week the girls go to the gym for self-defence lessons taught by the older sisters who practise this sport at top level. It’s great to

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A few weeks ago we saw the start of the summer holidays and all the girls are enjoying them very much. No school, homework or getting up early for a while. Six of the girls are probably enjoying this holiday even more, because they graduated. One young lady got her social work degree at university,

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Time for a new colour

Did you know that dying your hair is prohibited in Thai schools? The hair is seen as part of the uniform, you see. Glasses too should not have bold colours, the frames must be black or of a neutral colour. Knowing this it is easy to understand why the girls want to dye their hair

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$15 per month will pay for clothing for one girl
$35 a month will pay for education for one girl
$60 per month will pay for the cost of housing, internet and utilities
$100 per month will pay for food for one girl