Sleeping with buckets!

The wind starts blowing, the sky is getting darker, a storm is coming. Then the rain starts, softly at first, but then becomes harder and harder. Every time you think it can’t rain any harder it does just that. Then suddenly you feel a drop on your head. Where did that come from? Then another one hits, and you look up. There, right above you is a small hole in the ceiling, “oh, that’s not good.” But it is the middle of the night, so you decide to just grab a bucket to at least prevent the room from flooding. Later more holes are discovered, and you end up with a bunch of buckets all around the room. Something really needs to be done!

Partway through September we have a whole week of beautiful weather and we can work on the roof. The roof tiles are replaced, and everything gets “glued” together and painted. After that week the rain starts again but now everything stays dry inside.

After the roof repair we start working on the bedroom, hallway, and living room because this hasn’t been done in years. Initially it looks like a disaster but slowly the girls start to see how beautiful it will become. They are very happy with the result: it’s as if they have a brand-new house. Some of the girls even get the chance to help put in the new ceiling tiles.