‘Old’ and ‘new’

Yes, the title contains the word ‘new’ but this article is not about the New Year that is coming. Is about meeting a former colleague and about attending the marriage ceremony of a new colleague.
There are no special occasions in Thailand that are not accompanied by an elaborate meal, whether it is a wedding, a funeral, a housewarming party or the welcoming of an old friend or colleague. A good meal is always part of the deal. We don’t really mind because in Thailand they sure know how to cook great food.
When it comes to the wedding: the girls all worked hard to organize the party. All the girls of the house where the bride works had studied a dance to perform. When they started the dance we wondered where the bride was, because she seemed to be too late and had to miss the dance. But very soon, this turned out to be part of the show because the bride entered the stage as well to dance with the other girls. She and the girls had studied the dance together, which we did not know.
About our former colleague: she has been living abroad with her husband for years and now she was around, she wanted to give all the girls and employees a special treat, a Thai barbecue. We all enjoyed it very much, especially the people who knew the former colleague from the past.