Right now it’s summer vacation here in Thailand. One of our goals here at Baan Phak Phing is to stimulate contact between the girls and their families. The summer vacations get used to organize family visits or to receive family. It is one giant organizational puzzle for the mothers!

For some of the girls it means a very long drive to Bangkok or even further. For others this means a long and rough drive up mountains on narrow unpaved and steep roads. And for others still it means receiving family at Baan Phak Phing instead of going to visit them. For some of the girls it is possible to stay with their families for a while by themselves because the situation has changed and it is now safe for them but for others it is not safe and the visit can only take place under the supervision of one of our staff.

Sometimes multiple girls and staff travel together at the same time because they are able to plan a route that allows them to visit multiple families in one trip. You can hopefully begin to understand how much planning it takes to organize all these visits for 30 girls. One of the girls was finally able to visit her family after quite a long time of not being able to. The situation had to date been

unsafe but recent changes made the situation safe enough to where the girl was able to go on a visit. It is very important for her and her family that this happened because her father is sick and we don’t know what the future holds. We are glad that this visit was possible.


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Time for a new colour

Did you know that dying your hair is prohibited in Thai schools? The hair is seen as part of the uniform, you see. Glasses too should not have bold colours, the frames must be black or of a neutral colour. Knowing this it is easy to understand why the girls want to dye their hair

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