Events during the vacation!

Yes! The summer vacation has finally started. No more school and homework for a while which means more time to relax and do fun things. The girls really enjoyed having visitors from abroad around. Together they did all kinds of creative activities and games. They even had a day out together. Some of the girls decided it would be fun to help with the work being done to renovate the kitchen and the drainage system. They were able to help clear the debris and bring it to the dumping location. Others decided it would be more fun to play games, play sports, or watch tv. All in all it was a great time for the girls to rest and let off a little steam.

Half-way through May the schools opened again. A new school year, a higher grade or even a new school with new classmates, teachers, and learning paths. This all made for an exciting time. All the uniforms and shoes had to be cleaned and prepared or new ones had to be bought. All the girls had to be registered at the schools and school fees had to be paid. It made for a busy time for the “mothers” and girls.