Birthday surprise!

Out of the blue we received an email via our website. It was PSJ United – the international fan club of Park Seo Jun. Who is Park Seo Jun? Well we were about to find out, because we used the internet to tell us. He is a famous South Korean actor. He is known for his starring roles in television series. Still we did not have a clue, but when you mention his name in Thailand and especially to the younger generation they will know. In fact the girls started to yell and scream when they heard his name, because they are all a fan of Park Seo Jun.

This all being said, the fan club reached out to us, because on December 16 it is Park Seo Jun’s birthday and they wanted us to have a chance to celebrate that with all the girls. They wanted to give a pair of shoes (Skechers) to all the girls and have us celebrate this with a birthday party. The process of getting all the girls’ shoe sizes started and they ordered shoes. When the shoes arrived we prepared a party with decorations, cake and pizza. We even had a big banner with the actor Park Seo Jun wearing Skecher shoes. The party was awesome, the girls are very happy with their new, fancy Skecher shoes and they of course enjoyed talking about the famous actor.

This was such a tremendous gift. The fan club is awesome! They helped with everything, from ordering the shoes and decorations, designing the banner, helping sort out the pizza order and they covered all the costs. I have to say it was overwhelming to me as person in the middle. The fact that they found our website and really wanted to support our girls in giving them an awesome day and gift and going out of their way to make it all happen. We are all very thankful. Words are not enough to express our gratitude. They really brought huge smiles to all the girls’ faces.