Baan Phak Phing houses girls between the ages of 6 and 18 years old. At first sight there is nothing different about these girls. They play, laugh, and fight, just like any other girls in that age group. It is in fact a miracle that they can live like this, in happiness, because these girls have all been abused at a very young age.

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Support a family

The care of the girls at Baan Phak Phing is entirely dependent on donations. There are three houses at the home…..three families with a maximum of 10 girls per family.

The ‘sponsor a family program’ provides funds for food, clothing, education and safe and more than just adequate accommodations. If you decide for this type of support you will be connected to one of the 3 families. Every 3 months you will receive an update about the girls in your family, in addition to the general newsletters which are sent out quarterly.

Your $5 a month will pay for clothing for one girl,
Your $15 a month will pay for therapy for one girl,
Your $30 a month will pay for education for one girl, or
Your $45 a month will pay for the cost of the housing, internet and utilities.

Your donation big or small will give each girl in the family the possibility for a new life.

Support a family


As you can imagine, the work at Baan Phak Phing does not only consist of taking care of the girls. The houses they live in have to be maintained, the trucks used to transport them to school have to be safe, the computers they use to do homework have to work, etc. To fulfill the purposes of Baan Phak Phing we have to provide safety and take care of the girls’ needs. Do you want to help us do that? Then you can make a contribution towards one of our projects.




In November, two ladies with their children paid us a visit. Both women lived at Baan Phak Phing when they were younger. One of them has a 3-year-old daughter, but she is going through a difficult period with her husband and asked the mothers of Baan Phak Phing for help. The fact that she has …

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