Motorcycle parking lot: no more hot seats

Motorcycle parking lot: no more hot seats

Here in Thailand it is often rather hot, not just for a few days but at least three quarters of the year. Apart from that we have a lot of rain. The rainy season lasts for about 6 months and so it is not surprising when people would like motorcycles to be parked under a roof. Now that we have more and more motorcycles on our property, as more girls ride one and many of our staff use a motorcycle to come to work, we need sufficient sheltered parking places. Therefore we are very happy we have been able to build a new sheltered parking lot. Very good for the motorbikes, because the heat and the rain are two ingredients which do not improve their lifespan.

Both the girls and the staff are grateful we received sufficient funding so we could carry out this project. No more burning seats. šŸ˜Š

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$15 per month will pay for clothing for one girl
$35 a month will pay for education for one girl
$60 per month will pay for the cost of housing, internet and utilities
$100 per month will pay for food for one girl