Picking strawberries

After all girls and ‘mothers’ had to be quarantined because some of us had Corona, we were all very glad these days were over. We could go out again, but we still tried to avoid being in big groups of people. But what could we do as an outing with the girls? The great thing was that we had received an offer from a family we know. This family grows strawberries during cold season and because cold season was coming to an end, they wanted to give our girls and the ‘mothers’ the opportunity to pick strawberries. It was a 2-hour-drive, but it was beautiful. And then the happy faces of the girls picking strawberries; it was really worth it!

The mothers had prepared a picknick for lunch. We wanted to go to a beautiful spot to have lunch and continue to a great viewpoint. But in order to get to this picknick spot, we had to drive up a mountain, off-road. That proved to be a challenge for both the cars and drivers. Some loved it and some were scared. Part of the group arrived up the mountain and we ate lunch. After that, we made the beautiful hike to the top. From the top we were looking into Laos; we were standing right at the border. It was a great day for all!

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