Party time!

A young couple wanted to get married and was on the lookout for a good location. They also hoped to find people willing to help them with the preparation of the party. Well, I can tell you one thing: the ‘mothers’ of Baan Phak Phing got very excited when they heard this news. They enthusiastically proposed for the wedding to take place on the property of the girls’ house. It wasn’t just any couple after all. The mothers and girls all know the groom. He has been around for fourteen years and regularly helps with the IT, printers and website. The bride is also well known by many.

That’s why the staff offered to take care of all the food and drinks. Quite a challenge, because they expected 160 guests! On the big day itself, not only the mothers but even the girls all helped out. They also helped decorating the yard. You should have seen how lovely it all looked! It was a great party and the happy couple is extremely thankful for all the help and love they received.

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In Thailand there is no conscription for women, but they are allowed to join the army. During upper secondary school girls can choose an extra subject aimed at soldiering to see whether they like it. One of the older girls wanted to do this and recently she has had several training sessions. She learned how

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Never experienced this in my whole life!

“Mum, listen, I was able to buy new clothes, just like that. I chose them all by myself and bought shoes, too! I have never had so much fun shopping, it was fantastic!” Thanks to a wonderful donation the girls were able to treat themselves to new clothes and shoes. They were overjoyed when they

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Selling ‘Stroopwafels’ in Harderwijk

How can we generate more funds for Stichting Baan Phak Phing? This was the question we asked ourselves as board members. At that moment we decided to set up a ‘stroopwafel’ fundraiser in collaboration with Markus & Markus Stroopwafels in Waddinxveen. A large group of children and adults did their best to sell as many

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