Only 9 years old!

A girl of only nine years old, recently came back to live with us. She used to live with us before, after she had become the victim of abuse. Back then she was not even six years old. After a few years in Baan Phak Phing, she went back to her mother because it was safe again. It’s absolutely heartbreaking, but over time the situation at her home deteriorated and the girl fell short of protection again. This led to another abuse situation.
In the past weeks, our psychologist and the leader of the house where the girl lives have helped the girl share her story with the police. The investigation is still pending and this means the girl had to return to the crime scene to testify. Once the investigation is over, the case will be brought to court and the girl is expected to show up there as well. This is an extremely difficult time for her. It feels like she needs to revisit her trauma over and over. It’s absolutely horrible. Despite the pain and hardships, we are thankful that we are in a position to offer her support and protection in this time of need.