One step at a time!

Halfway March, seven girls graduated middle or high school! They will now set off for further education in a college or university.

We know that it can be hard for the girls to go to school and meet all required expectations. That makes it even more wonderful to see these seven girls grow, learn and be ready for their next step in life. We are so proud of them!

To celebrate, we hosted our annual graduation party. It’s a time to reflect and be grateful. Some girls really speak from their hearts on these evenings and express their thanks to the ‘mothers’, their teachers and sponsors. Without them it literally would not have been possible!

One girl expressed it well: “Baan Phak Phing gave me the opportunity to go to school, something I never thought to be possible when I still lived at home. Because of the financial situation of my family, I needed to work in the rice fields instead.” It’s amazing to see lives changed!