In the middle of Thailand

One of the young women who used to live at Baan Phak Phing was moving with her daughter to the middle of the country to return to her mother and other family members. Since it was a long 7-hour drive, two staff ‘mothers’ drove her home. Her younger sister, who still lives at Baan Phak Phing, went along to visit their mother and family. They enjoyed several days of spending time together as a family.

In the meantime the ‘mothers’ visited two sisters who also live in the same region. Years ago these sisters spent some time with us at Baan Phak Phing while their mother was getting her life back on the rails, so that she could offer a safe environment for her daughters. It was wonderful to see that the girls have flourished. The mother is very grateful that her daughters were given a safe home during the time that she could not care for them. Now she has a small business selling Thai snacks. The staff left with enough snacks for everyone living at Baan Phak Phing!