Hole in the roof!

When trees get too tall and they start becoming a danger to the girls’ home and the tree house (counseling room) something has to be done to ensure everyone’s safety. So, before the rainy season started and things could go from bad to worse we had a couple of local workers cut the trees. There were quite a few trees that needed trimming, about 50 in total. Most of the trees were fine after the tops were cut off and about half of the trunk remained but some of them had to be cut down completely. All the trees were cut without too much trouble except for one. That tree started turning during its fall and there wasn’t enough time to correct the direction it was falling in. On its way down it clipped the corner of the counseling room causing damage to the roof, railing, and platform surrounding the tree house. Because we first had to clear out all the wood that had been cut down it took quite a while before any repair work could be done. The counseling sessions were temporarily done elsewhere to the girls’ great dismay. Our therapist also had to do a bit of improvising and adjusting to the new situation. Everyone was really happy when the repairs were finally complete and it was safe to resume the use of the tree house without getting rained on.