Hello New Year; 2022

In the past, we used to celebrate New Year on December 31st, but this year we celebrated on January 1st. This made it possible for the entire staff to be present, and not just those who were working at that moment.

We started with a moment of reflecting on the past year, especially on the positive things that had happened. Everybody was asked to think of something they were grateful for. After that, we spread out mats on the concrete floor and put down the pots we needed for the Thai barbecue. Next, we put in the coal; each group had to make sure their own coal was burning and heating up sufficiently to put on the pans. A Thai barbecue pan is a pan with a metal cone with a little ditch around it. The ditch is used to cook the soup and the cone is used to fry the meat or fish. During dinner, dances and songs were performed, and games were played. As a dessert, we had donuts. These donuts were donated by a former staff member who lives in Denmark; a very sweet gesture.

We were a bit afraid that celebrating New Year on the 1st of January might take away the ‘magic’ of New Year, but that turned out not to be the case at all. We had a great and fun evening which we have been able to celebrate as one big family.

We wish you all a happy and healthy 2022!