Fish from our own pond

Some time ago we received 1000 fish from our neighbor. These we put in our pond. The fish are now the appropriate size to harvest so we could organize a fishing event. One Saturday in July we made the fishing poles and divided the girls into several fishing teams. As soon as the fish were caught, they were cleaned, baked, cooked or grilled. Of course with many various spices and eaten with rice. Everyone was so enthusiastic we are planning to do this again soon.


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A few weeks ago we saw the start of the summer holidays and all the girls are enjoying them very much. No school, homework or getting up early for a while. Six of the girls are probably enjoying this holiday even more, because they graduated. One young lady got her social work degree at university,

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Time for a new colour

Did you know that dying your hair is prohibited in Thai schools? The hair is seen as part of the uniform, you see. Glasses too should not have bold colours, the frames must be black or of a neutral colour. Knowing this it is easy to understand why the girls want to dye their hair

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In Thailand there is no conscription for women, but they are allowed to join the army. During upper secondary school girls can choose an extra subject aimed at soldiering to see whether they like it. One of the older girls wanted to do this and recently she has had several training sessions. She learned how

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