Children’s joy

Life brings along its obligations, unfortunately that’s just how it works. For children that means going to school and adults are often busy with their responsibilities at work and at home. Thankfully there’s more to life than work, we are also allowed to enjoy free time and to have fun. How everyone chooses to spend their free time depends on their character and circumstances of course. This summer, the girls have also been able to enjoy moments where they could rest and enjoy their time off. The mothers took them on a walk with the new puppy. During that walk they passed a ditch where they discovered fish swimming! The girls had a great time running around and chatting with each other during that walk. It’s good for them to be away from home for a while and explore. At another time, they played games with each other. One of their favorites was to blow a ping pong ball as quickly as possible from one waterfilled cup to another. Another moment two girls were playing with the swing, one pushing the other. It could not go high enough for them! It’s great to see the girls enjoying these little things in life so much.