A tear and a smile!

Last month we welcomed three new girls in Baan Phak Phing. The first girl, only six years old, was very sad. She kept on crying. Then another girl stepped in and played with her so that the girl could be distracted from her fear and sadness. This new young girl didn’t own any pyjamas so the staff took her to the shop to buy one. When they came back, another mom asked what she had bought. When the girl showed her new pyjamas the mother joked that she was jealous and would want pyjamas like that for herself. Then the girl answered she was way too big and it wouldn’t fit. Everyone laughed and eventually even the young girl joined in with a smile from ear to ear and a  twinkle in her eyes. It made our hearts melt, we were so happy she could forget her pain for a moment. We are happy to say that she now has found her way and is settled within the family.

The other two girls came a week later. They are sisters, aged 7 and 8. When they arrived there was a lot of paperwork to be done with the staff from the government children’s home where the girls came from.

We are thankful that we can offer these girls a safe environment and we hope they will be able to feel at home.

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