A T-shirt for everyone

For a few years now the board of Baan Phak Phing in the Netherlands has collaborated with the University of Applied Sciences Stenden in the Netherlands, which has a satellite campus in Thailand. Students are assigned a project with an authentic organization of which Baan Phak Phing was one. During the pandemic the project was done online but hopefully the next session will be on location in Thailand. During the last session students designed a T-shirt and sold them on campus and via their friends and relatives. The profits were for the home. The board of Baan Phak Phing decided to give each girl and staff member one as well.

“A new T-shirt for everyone?” “Yes, for everyone, the girls as well as the mothers.” As the local representative of the Baan Phak Phing board I was privileged to distribute the T-shirts. I wore mine to a staff meeting and many of the mothers immediately noticed that I was wearing a new shirt with the Baan Phak Phing logo on it. But they didn’t say anything till after the meeting. They loved it! Luckily because I had one for each colleague in my bag! Most of the staff put it on right away and wear them at work daily.

That afternoon when the girls came home from school, a few asked if I was wearing a new T-shirt. I asked them if they could read what was printed on the shirt and if they liked it. Just as the mothers all the girls liked it. When I asked if they wanted one, they all replied, “Yes, please!”

We would like to thank the board for this beautiful gift. Because of it we will regularly think of them.