A small accident!

“Ah, we’re almost home!” The two girls had just finished school and were looking forward to dinner. They could almost smell the food, that’s how close they were. When they were just about to pass the neighbours’ parked car, the car suddenly started moving. Without indication, the neighbour took a turn. There is no way they could stop in time, so they collided with the car and fell off their motorcycle. Ouch!

This accident happened a little while ago. Both the girls and the neighbour got a good scare! Thankfully the neighbour immediately got out of his car to help. Because it was in such close proximity of the house, some mothers could immediately assist as well. All in all, the damage could have been way worse. The girls had a sore mouth, a loose tooth and a painful knee from the fall. The motorcycle was only slightly damaged, but the neighbours’ car has a big dent and now the door won’t open and close properly anymore. We are thankful everyone seemed mostly okay!