New Laptops

It’s almost time! Two of the girls are almost done with high school and next year they’ll be going to college or university. They will then move to rooms close to the school and will only come home during weekends or holidays. This is a really big step towards adulthood and becoming independent. To continue their education they need to have their own laptop.

We need around 670 USD per laptop. So a total of 1340 USD.

Will you make a contribution to make this purchase a reality?

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New Laundry Machine

Even though we teach the girls to do laundry by hand we still need a laundry machine for the bigger pieces like towels and bedding. Aside from that they always use the spin setting to allow their hand washed items to dry faster. Right now, one of those laundry machines has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced. Will you help us buy a new one for the girls?

A new laundry machine costs around 400 USD



New Fans

We have had to fix the ceiling fans of one of the houses more times than we can count. But you can only repair something so many times. They have reached the end of their life and are due for replacement. Due to the heat in Thailand it is not possible for the girls to sleep without a fan. We want to make sure they get restful sleep each night by putting up new fans. Will you help us do this?

We need 10 new fans at 70 USD per fan for a total of 700 USD.



New Closets

Each of the girls has their own closet where they keep their clothes and personal items. Right now quite a few of them are getting old to the point of falling apart. Repairing or restoring won’t work anymore because we’ve had to do that too many times already. Will you help us replace them?

1 closet costs 125 USD and we need a total of 12 new closets so we need a total of 1500 USD.



Computer Maintenance

Over time computers slow down and need an upgrade. By doing a simple low-cost upgrade you can make your computer quite a bit faster and you can keep using it for another couple of years. But computers don’t have long lives like us and must be replaced at a certain point. We also want to make sure that we use legal software on the computers and that means you have to pay for their use. We use printers for printing the girls’ homework and for office work, which means we also have to maintain those. In other words it is incredibly important for us to have a budget to be able to keep all our technology working properly. This budget has to be around 1250 USD per year.

Will you help us keep everything running at Baan Phak Phing?



New Desks

We have several desks that need to be replaced because some of them are almost literally falling apart. We need new desks for 3 staff offices as well as desks for the girls on which to put the computers they use for homework. We need a total of 10 new desks. Each desk costs 170 USD for a total of 1700 USD.

Will you help us purchase new desks?

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New Mattresses

In order to have a good night's sleep you need a mattress and preferably a good one. If the mattresses are old and worn out then you don't sleep comfortably. We are in dire need of new mattresses for all the beds at Baan Phak Phing so everyone can start sleeping well again and wake up feeling refreshed. Will you help us?

We need a total of 38 new mattresses. At a price of 130 USD per mattress we need a total of 4940 USD to make this happen!

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Fire Safety

To meet new requirements set by the government regarding fire safety we have had to make several improvements to the houses. We hired a company to give us advice and do fire safety training. We had to buy fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and an escape ladder. Total costs were 800 USD.