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Imagine this: you are just enjoying your favourite TV series when suddenly you hear a loud BANG and the TV shuts off. Quite a shock isn’t it? That’s what recently happened to the girls and staff. When the staff took a peek to see what was going on, it seemed that the television had exploded! Needless to say, it was quite an old television (a chicken could have lived inside and still be called "free range" 😉)

Currently it’s summer holiday for the girls. With the pandemic still going on, the girls love to watch movies together. Now they can only watch videos on the laptop from one of the mothers but that screen is very small and unclear. A big disappointment for the girls as you can imagine.

We would love to be able to buy a new television and be safe from future explosions. Another house has a television just as old, so we would really feel more at ease replacing that one as well. Two new TVs cost 280 USD. Will you help us provide safe devices for the girls?

Funding 100%

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School Commute

Now that the girls are getting older, more and more are able to drive the motorcycle. It’s just a small one, just a bit bigger than a moped, but it gives them the independence they need. A few of the girls study at colleges or universities and thus don’t follow the same schedule as the younger ones. That makes it quite challenging to have to bring and pick them up from school. There are also girls who play sports after school. They too need a motorcycle in order to get back home since there is no good public transport in place.

Three out of the six motorcycles we currently own are very old and unreliable. We worry one of the girls might get stranded somewhere halfway and that they end up all alone. That – together with the fact that the need for motorcycles has grown now that the girls get older – really made us think it’s time to buy two extra motorcycles. It would really help us to solve these problems. Two new motorcycles together cost around 3400 USD Would you please help the girls travel safely by contributing towards this fund?




New refrigerators

Yep, you read it right, plural. In total we are in need of three new fridges, one per family. In one of the houses, the fridge door doesn’t close properly anymore, which makes it impossible to keep the heat out of the fridge. Not ideal as you can imagine. The other two fridges are so old that they waste a lot of electricity.

For the mothers it’s a daily question: “How can we prevent the food from going bad in this hot climate?”

We hope you can help us by donating towards our ‘refrigerator fund’, so that we can continue to offer the girls fresh food.

A fridge for a large family with ten girls, costs around 600 US Dollars. It would be wonderful if we could raise the total of 1800 US Dollars together so that we can buy the new refrigerators for the families. Would you please consider joining us?

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“I knew at a young age that I wanted to be a nurse and over time that desire has only grown stronger. I just graduated from High School and have been looking for a school to continue my education. It hasn’t been easy because there are more students than spots in a lot of the schools. In our city they don’t even offer the education path that I was looking for. About 2 hours away they do offer it but all the open spots were filled very quickly. I didn’t give up and kept looking. Finally I found a school near Bangkok that had open spots and ended up accepting my application. I am so happy! But I also realize that this is going to be a big step for me. I will live 800km from home and won’t be able to drop by for a visit out of the blue. Thankfully I know some people in the area who I can go to if I ever need anything. My question for you is if you would consider helping me with the fees for my education because it is quite expensive. It will set me back about 6500 USD per year including room and board. Will you help me to realize my dream?”




New Fans

We have had to fix the ceiling fans of one of the houses more times than we can count. But you can only repair something so many times. They have reached the end of their life and are due for replacement. Due to the heat in Thailand it is not possible for the girls to sleep without a fan. We want to make sure they get restful sleep each night by putting up new fans. Will you help us do this?

We need 10 new fans at 70 USD per fan for a total of 700 USD.




New Closets

Each of the girls has their own closet where they keep their clothes and personal items. Right now quite a few of them are getting old to the point of falling apart. Repairing or restoring won’t work anymore because we’ve had to do that too many times already. Will you help us replace them?

1 closet costs 125 USD and we need a total of 12 new closets so we need a total of 1500 USD.

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New Desks

We have several desks that need to be replaced because some of them are almost literally falling apart. We need new desks for 3 staff offices as well as desks for the girls on which to put the computers they use for homework. We need a total of 10 new desks. Each desk costs 170 USD for a total of 1700 USD.

Will you help us purchase new desks?

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Fire Safety

In order to meet legal requirements for fire safety, we need to adjust a few things. We asked advice from a specialised company and received training for all the girls and mothers as well. To meet the requirements we will need to purchase fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, alarm bells and a fire ladder.

All together this costs us 840 US Dollars.

Will you help to make the girls' house fireproof?