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Holiday at sea

Here, in the north of Thailand, we have jungle, lush and green vegetation and beautiful mountains, but we have no sea. To get to the sea, we have to drive at least 900 kilometers. Most girls who live with us are from northern Thailand, and some of them are from the central part, so hardly any of the girls have ever seen the sea. The girls who lived in our houses in 2010 have been to the south (see picture), together with the staff, but those girls have become adults by now, or they have moved. It was so marvelous to see the faces of those girls when they first saw the sea. The waves moving through the water, the shells they could find, swimming in the salt water and being able to play with sand; it was great! We would very much like to realize the dream of going to the sea of the girls who live with us now, especially since we have not been able to go on holiday these past two years due to all corona restrictions.

Will you help realize this dream?

It would cost around 15,000 US dollars to take all of our girls and mothers - about 45 people in total - to the sea.



Funding 33%

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A new car

Baan Phak Phing is located quite a distance out of town and public transport here is not as good as it is in The Netherlands. Therefore, we drive the girls to school every day ourselves. Each of the family homes has its own car, in which up to 12-14 persons can be transported. Besides driving the girls to school with the car, we also need the cars to do groceries, to do family visits (and the families usually live far away or in the mountains), and for outings. So, the cars need to be safe, strong, and in good condition. One of our three cars is 18 years old now and is past its due date. It doesn’t have enough power to go up a mountain anymore, and we need to take it to the garage regularly to be repaired. It also no longer meets the government requirements. If possible, we would like to replace this car by a new 16 seater van, which is the option to abide to the rules.

A new van would cost USD 47,000. Do you want to help transport the girls safely?




No more burnt behinds

It can be very hot here in Thailand, not for just a few days, but for at least nine months out of the year. It also rains a lot here; each year the rainy seasons lasts for six months. Not surprisingly, it would be very much appreciated if all motorbikes could be parked under a roof. Now that more and more motorbikes need to be parked on the property – because more girls are able to drive and many of our staff members also come to work on their bikes – there was a shortage of covered parking places. There wasn’t enough space for everyone. Recently, we therefore constructed a new and roofed parking area to park all motorbikes. This also benefits the bikes, because the rain and heat are quite damaging to the bikes and limit the lifespan.

Do you want to help us cover the expenses of this new parking? In total, the costs were 770 US dollars.

The girls and staff members will be very grateful to you, because they no longer need their behinds to get burnt.




New doors

Having proper front doors in our houses is not only a blessing; it is a necessity, especially since they prevent snakes and other vermin to enter the houses. When the independent living houses were built, the doors were in good shape of course, but these wooden doors have proven not to be very suitable for the climate in Thailand. They are battered by rainwater every time it rains and scorched by the sun every time the sun comes out. The doors have been painted and varnished numerous times, but they just need too much maintenance. That is why we have replaced the wooden doors with maintenance free doors recently. The girls living in the houses are very grateful for that. At the same time, we have replaced the doors of the multipurpose room and the tool shed as well, because they required too much maintenance too. In total, we have replaced 10 doors and we don’t have to be afraid of uninvited guests anymore.

The money for this project has already been spent, even though the necessary funds have not been raised yet. Normally we don’t do this, but necessity knows no law. If you would be willing to help us bridge the financial gap, we would greatly appreciate it.

The expenses of all 10 doors were 158 x 10 = 1580 US Dollars.





Ice cream for the girls

Here in Thailand, the temperature often rises above 30 degrees and sometimes even above 40 degrees centigrade. Everybody takes it as easy as possible then; people stay inside and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and cool down. Wouldn’t it be great for the girls to eat an ice cream every once and a while with these temperatures? Luckily, this is possible; every day an ice cream vendor passes by with his motorbike and sidecar. He plays a tune when he is close to our houses to let us know he is coming. Thinking of the ice creams made the girls’ mouths water. Who wouldn’t like a refreshing ice cream when it’s so hot outside? Nobody, right?

Do you want to buy an ice cream for the girls? We could give them one starting 0.82 US Dollar. In each of the three family houses we can have up to 10 girls.





A basic need

A human being can’t survive without water. We need water for a lot of things. But most of the time, we only realize this when we run out of water. For both our houses on both our compounds, we have drilled a well and installed a water tank with a filter to supply the houses with clean water. This water is used for cooking, washing clothes, showering, flushing the toilet, cleaning, and so on. However, by the end of 2021, the water filter on the first compound corroded that much that we had to buy a new filter right away. This involved a cost that was a big blow to our budget. Also, this was an unforeseeable cost because it is impossible to notice the corrosion until it has reached the outside of the filter. By now, a new (stainless steel) filter has been installed, but the costs have not yet been covered.

Will you help cover the costs? The price of the filter was 1100 US dollars.






“I knew at a young age that I wanted to be a nurse and over time that desire has only grown stronger. After my graduation from High School searched for a school to continue my education. It hasn’t been easy because there are more students than spots in a lot of the schools. In our city they don’t even offer the education path that I was looking. About 2 hours away they do offer it but all the open spots were filled very quickly. I found a school near Bangkok that ended up accepting my application. I was so happy! But I also realized that this was going to be a big step for me. I live 800km from home and won’t be able to drop by for a visit out of the blue. Thankfully I know some people in the area who I can go to if I ever need anything.

In the meantime two years have gone by and I still like it even though I had to come home to Baan Phak Phing for more than a year to study online due to Covid rules. But that doesn’t stop me. I received a scholarship to pay my tuition fees, which I am very grateful for, because at first I had to take out a loan. That leaves me with the costs for boarding, food and uniforms which is still pretty expensive.

The costs are 220 US Dollars per month. My question is if you would consider helping me with these costs so I can make my dream come true?”




New Fans

We have had to fix the ceiling fans of one of the houses more times than we can count. But you can only repair something so many times. They have reached the end of their life and are due for replacement. Due to the heat in Thailand it is not possible for the girls to sleep without a fan. We want to make sure they get restful sleep each night by putting up new fans. Will you help us do this?

We need 10 new fans at 70 USD per fan for a total of 700 USD.

Funding 100%

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New Closets

Each of the girls has their own closet where they keep their clothes and personal items. Right now quite a few of them are getting old to the point of falling apart. Repairing or restoring won’t work anymore because we’ve had to do that too many times already. Will you help us replace them?

1 closet costs 125 USD and we need a total of 12 new closets so we need a total of 1500 USD.

Funding 30%

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New Desks

We have several desks that need to be replaced because some of them are almost literally falling apart. We need new desks for 3 staff offices as well as desks for the girls on which to put the computers they use for homework.

We need a total of 10 new desks. Each desk costs 170 USD for a total of 1700 USD.
Will you help us purchase new desks?

Funding 50%

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Fire Safety

In order to meet legal requirements for fire safety, we need to adjust a few things. We asked advice from a specialised company and received training for all the girls and mothers as well. To meet the requirements we will need to purchase fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, alarm bells and a fire ladder.

All together this costs us 840 US Dollars.

Will you help to make the girls' house fireproof?